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The RateGuru mortgage EMI calculator has been designed to help clients distinguish the difference between FRMs and ARMs, and make the right home financing decision. It is simple to use and all you need to do is enter the principal amount, mortgage type, and mortgage interest rates in Canada to calculate your monthly payment. This helps determine the mortgage option that assures the best value for you and also how much you would save if you opt for it.

It is a phenomenal tool for the prospective home buyers and for those planning to refinance, due to its accuracy in mortgage comparison. Here, you can experiment with a variety of variables and assess your options accordingly to make a smart investment. This mortgage EMI calculator is all about easing any of your concerns related to finances and is quite an asset when it comes to negotiating different mortgage interest rates in Canada.

Use this exceptional finance tool to evaluate multiple mortgage options and compare different offers from multiple lenders. It can tell you how the smallest of change in your interest rate can impact monthly payments during the loan period. Enter your information now for mortgage comparison and strike the best deal possible.

The Mortgage Payment Calculator provides you with a monthly mortgage payment based on the information you input. Find out what your mortgage payments would be each month.

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*Calculation does not include mortgage insurance premium. Mortgage insurance premium will depend on your credit profile and the down payment amount. Assume an extra $20 per payment on average, over the amortization period of the mortgage.

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