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Desjardins is one of the well-established financial institutions in Canada. We understand that purchasing a new home is an important decision with many considerations why the borrower needs to be well informed. To support this Desjardins’s mortgage rates are comparatively lower and equally attractive. Desjardins makes available attractive options and maximum coverage to you with features to compare mortgages from banks and get the best rates possible. Like all other banks, Desjardins also offers mortgages for purchase, renovation, mortgage renewals, and transfer of mortgages.

The advantages offered to borrowers include rate stability of a fixed-rate loan, low-interest rate of the variable-rate-loan, and combined interest rate that matches borrowers’ profiles and needs. In terms of payment methods that can be availed by the borrowers are standard weekly, monthly, and accelerated weekly payment options, which allow reduction of the amortization period. Desjardins Bank Mortgage Rates and the products offered by them are best in class and comparable to some of the best bank mortgage rates in Canada. Desjardins can help you in meeting your unique needs, whether it is for purchasing a new property or investing in your existing property.

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First Mortgage
First time mortgage doesn’t mean only the first home home that you buy. It can also mean the primary lien on the property you are planning to buy. It’s not about the level of home buying but the property itself. The term mortgage is a security for the lender.