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Meridian CU is the second-largest credit union that is committed to providing Canadians with exceptional banking, features, services, security, and advice. Their offerings include mortgages, renewing, switching, or refinancing of existing mortgages. You can compare mortgage rates from banks, only to find out that Meridian CU Mortgage rates are highly competitive. Meridian is a credit union that focuses on making available the best bank rates in Canada to its borrowers.

Mortgage plans offered by them include fixed-rate mortgage, variable rate mortgage, high ratio mortgage, construction mortgage. Less conventional plans can also be explored by the borrowers. Merdian’s services match up to the services of a big bank but with a more personal touch as borrowers can seek a mortgage specialist advise to ensure that the bank mortgage rates in Canada undertaken by them are the most suitable one for them.

What makes Meridian standout is the fact that they are consistently offering new ways to help its borrowers through innovative features, extraordinary service, and great bank mortgage rates in Canada. Merdian CU has over 90 branches in Canada and their customer support can be reached through online as well as offline mediums.

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