Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Find out how much you can afford before you start house hunting. The Mortgage Affordability Calculator takes into account your household income, monthly expenses (including car loans, credit cards and other loans) plus any costs related to homeownership such as property taxes, heating costs and condo fees if you are buying a condominium. Find out the maximum amount you would qualify for based on your ability to afford the mortgage loan.

The RateGuru mortgage affordability calculator can help you evaluate the amount that an individual can afford to borrow to mortgage or refinance a home. Looking at your current income, outstanding debts, credit score, etc., it can work out your loan figures. This mortgage loan estimator can assist you in calculating monthly payments, interest rates, and loan terms based on your inputs. It is the ideal tool to understand the financial side of owning a home and make informed decisions based on mortgage loan calculator. So, if you are out there shopping for a mortgage, try the mortgage rates calculator!


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First Mortgage
First time mortgage doesn’t mean only the first home home that you buy. It can also mean the primary lien on the property you are planning to buy. It’s not about the level of home buying but the property itself. The term mortgage is a security for the lender.