A Fairly Divided Marital Home

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Separation or divorce is very emotionally taxing on both parties as well as on the families involved. Dividing everything is a hard enough process and joint loans and bank accounts can add to the disagreements and confusions. We understand and acknowledge those going through this situation. A single family home is an emotional space for all the parties involved and we can help in making the divide a fair and smooth process so everyone can move forward.

A solution in the form of Spousal Separation Mortgage can help. According to the mortgage rules it is possible to refinance your mortgage loan up to 80% of the current home value; the spousal separation mortgage will allow you to buy out up to 95%, thereby easing for either of the spouses to keep the home for themselves. This enables a fair amount towards settling joint debt issues. 

If either spouse wishes to keep the house for themselves, there is a solution and we can help guide you the process. In fact, we will help you sort through financing hurdles that you may face and remove this extra burden as you through this difficult time. 

We make the transition smooth by helping either spouse keep the house while helping the other spouse acquire a mortgage loan for a new house. This way, each spouse has a home to start a new life apart.

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