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XMC Mortgage Corporation has been in the evolving Canadian real estate market since 1997 with more than $5.5 billion dollars being originated through mortgages across Canada. Borrowers get multiple payment options with XMC including prepayment privileges and the lowest bank mortgage rates in Canada. The primary objective here is to deliver competitive mortgage products that help homebuyers achieve their financial goals and seamlessly navigate through the entire buying process. Experienced and licensed mortgage professionals have designed several customizable fixed and variable rate mortgage solutions that are convenient and equally competitive.

XMC mortgage rates are amongst the lowest in the market with guaranteed rates for purchasing a new property, switching loan accounts, and refinancing. Here, customers have the option to avail accelerated prepayment in order to repay their mortgage faster and create their own personal wealth through homeownership. Whether you are looking for competitive rates or flexible payment options, XMC can help you compare mortgages from other banks and provide the lowest rate possible to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to understand the cost-effective ways of borrowing and avoid any unexpected expenses with a completely transparent mortgaging process.

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First Mortgage
First time mortgage doesn’t mean only the first home home that you buy. It can also mean the primary lien on the property you are planning to buy. It’s not about the level of home buying but the property itself. The term mortgage is a security for the lender.